I was commisioned by the Ms. Foundation for Women to design the identity, microsite and all printed ad materials for this national awareness and fundraising campaign in honor of Women's History Month. The campaign joined 25 grassroots women's groups accross the US.
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Identity, Print ad design, Illustration, Website Design and Production in Wordpress.
Based in Milan, CLS Architetti is a bustling architecture firm that specializes in interiors and commercial spaces for many international high fashion clients. Their diverse body of work led them to want a site that would feature their projects in an elegant catalogue format that is easily navigated and updated. clsarchitetti.com
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Website Design and Production
Already successful in Israel, London and Moscow, GetTaxi a smartphone app that allows you to hail and pay for cabs directly from your phone, is launching in New York. GetTaxi responded to an RFP from the TLC to be the official payment app of NYC taxis. I art directed and designed this 150 page proposal; carefully merging GetTaxi's existing brand with that of NYC Taxis.
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Proposal Design, Illustration, Infographics
'10,000 Men' is a feature documentary, now in production, by 3Generations Films, examining the sex trade and child exploitation in the US. The filmmaker required a quick and simple site as a landing page for funders which will soon be expanded to be a hub for activism around this issue. 10kmen.com
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'10,000 MEN' A Feature Documentary
Website Design and Production in Wordpress.
Lead2Design is a distributor of trimmings, hardware moldings and fabrics for home furnishings. They sought an updated brand identity that would be modern yet timeless and reflect their relevance in the fickle world of home furnishings trends.
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Brand Identity
Ciné Institute is Haiti's only film school. Established in 2008, it grew out of a film festival, Festival Film Jakmèl, which ran for 3 years in Haiti. Ciné Institute's mission is to provide a high quality, professional film education, free of charge to Haitian youth and foster the growth of a film industry in Haiti, creating much needed jobs. www.cineinstitute.com
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Media and Branding Director

Identity. Interactive. Collateral.
Brandaid Project is a new initiative seeking to match artisans of the developing world with advanced tools and connections to market and sell their art in the global market. www.brandaidproject.com
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Web Consulting. Identity. Collateral. Poster Design.
Studio WOK is an up and coming Italian architecture firm based in Milan. This young firm has already won several competitions. Their designs are minimalist, modern and dynamic. www.studiowok.com
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Web Design and Production in WordPress.
Concept for 'Prix Cinema Lakay' (The Lakay Awards). An awards competition for excellence in Haitian Filmmaking.
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Map Design for 'Root for Trees' permanent Chelsea tree signage exhibit. The exhibit seeks to bring awareness to the importance of urban trees by adorning tree guards with artwork donated by local artists and galleries and engraved on metal plaques.
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Map Design.
Crowing Rooster Arts is a media arts organization dedicated to the advocacy of Haiti’s rich culture and history. Amongst other work, they retain a video library of historical Haitian film footage and produce documentaries about Haiti as well as CDs of traditional Haitian music and recordings of famous Haitian poets.
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Creative Director

Interactive. CD and DVD packaging. Poster design. Identity.
An ongoing personal series of silkscreen prints of urban landscapes, both classic and unexpected, exploring the layered complexity of the urban landscape in a simplified, two dimensional form.
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Silkscreen print design.
Haïti Optimiste was a series of events featuring art, music and photography of Haiti that highlights positive imagery and the beauty of Haitian culture. Each event raised money and awareness for an arts organization doing positive work in Haiti.
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Identity. Event design. Poster design. Interactive.
'It's a Zoo Out There', a pilot TV show for 'Animal Planet', examining the mating habits of humans. Created by 'Spin the Bottle.'
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Opening sequence for pilot TV show for 'Animal Planet'

Motion graphics.
'Video IQ', an interactive TV game show that aired for 3 seasons on the 'Fuse' network, which created rebus puzzles using clues from music videos. Created by 'Spin the Bottle.'
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Motion Graphics. Illustration.